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Suicide Pool Charity Fundraiser
Suicide Pool Charity Fundraiser Suicide Pool Charity Fundraiser Web Site
Wednesday, October 27, 2021
5:21:02 AM

The “Suicide Pool” Charity Fundraiser

  1. The fee to participate in the “Suicide Pool” Charity Fundraiser (hereafter known as the "Suicide Pool" or the "pool" is $20.00.
  2. The maximum number of participants in the pool will be limited to the first 60 paid participants.
  3. Ten percent of the money collected from each participant of the “Suicide Pool” will be donated to the charity designated by the previous year's winner, on behalf of the previous year's winner. The deadline to select the charity will be August 1st of the following year. In the event that the previous year's winner has not selected a charity for the upcoming "pool" by August 1st of the following year, the "pool" committee will select a charity.
  4. The winner of the “Suicide Pool” will be awarded the remainder of the money collected (minus an administrative fee that includes, but is not limited to, costs of printing, mailing, etc.).
  5. The "Suicide Pool" committee consists of the following individuals: Kevin Skibinski and Tony Sekuterski.
  6. The Suicide Pool is a last “man” standing contest (i.e., there will be only one winner). If there is any evidence of collusion, each of the participants involved in the collusion will be penalized as follows:
    1. The fee for next year’s “Suicide Pool” will be subtracted from the prize money and added into next year’s prize money.
    2. Those individuals will be suspended from participating from next year’s “Suicide Pool.”
  7. The winner of the “Suicide Pool” will not receive the award until after the completion of the last regular season game.
  8. Prior to each week of NFL games, pick the winning team of one (and only one) game. No point spread will apply. In the event the game of the team picked ends in a tie, a loss is declared and you are eliminated from the pool.
  9. Each team can be selected only once. Once a team has been picked by a participant of the suicide pool to win in any week, that participant may not select that team for the rest of the year.
  10. If the team that a participant picked does not win that game, you are eliminated from the pool. (Exception: See Rule #11.) The winner will be the last player to make a correct pick. There will be only one winner.
  11. If ALL the players in any week pick losing teams, those players will remain in the pool until a winner is determined (See Rule #10).
  12. Deadline to enter picks:
    1. Simple Rule - Enter your selections by 12:00 PM each Tuesday.
    2. Advanced Rule - Each week's picks must be in no later than 12:00 PM (Noon) of the day prior to the start of the first game of that week.
      1. Example: If the first games of Week 1 start at 1:00 PM, Sunday September 2, picks must therefore be made my Noon, Saturday September 1. Likewise, IF the start time of the first game of Week 7 is 8:30 PM on Thursday October 18, picks for Week 7 will have to be made by Noon on Wednesday October 17.
  13. If you fail to enter your pick before the deadline, it will be declared a forfeit and you are eliminated from the pool.
  14. Picks are to be submitted by one of three methods. More information regarding the three methods are available by logging in or by contacting the "pool" committee.
  15. NEW RULE: Players are not allowed to submit a pick for another player. Each player must submit their own pick unless specifically approved by the Suicide Pool Committee.
  16. Tie Breakers:
    1. To ensure the completion of the pool before playoffs, the tie-breakers will be used in Week 17, if necessary.
    2. Tie Breaker #1 - In the event that there are two or more players tied after the completion of Week 17, the Won-Lost percentage of the teams that the players have not been picked by each player (# of wins divided by the sum of wins plus losses) will be used.
    3. Tie Breaker #2 - If the possibility exists that multiple players will still be tied, the players will have to pick all of the week 17 games. If multiple players are still tied after Tie Breaker #1 is applied, the player with the better record in all of week 17 games will be declared the winner of the pool.
    4. If after both of the tie-breakers have been applied at the end of Week 17 and there is still a tie, the standard "Two Tie, All Tie" Rules will apply beginning with games in the following NFL season. To be eligible for participation in the "Two Tie, All Tie" scenario, all players will be required to submit an additional $20.00. The additional money would be added to the pool's jackpot.
  17. Updates will be posted to http://sp.sekuterski.com. Registered participants can request a password by sending an e-mail to tsekuter@aol.com. Once the registered participants e-mail address has been verified, the password will be sent via e-mail. The participant's e-mail address must match the e-mail address indicated on the Information Card.
  18. Decisions of the "Suicide Pool" committee are final.

Please direct any questions or problems to Tony Sekuterski at 716-310-9893.

Last year's winner has selected the SPCA as the 2021 charity recipient.

Suicide Pool Charity Fundraiser


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